01Chania is very rich in cultural tradition. The Cretan folk tradition is imprinted on the local art (weaving, tsevredes, carpets, towels etc.) that reflects the sense of beauty and the artistic expression of local people. Simple village women, as well as women’s cooperatives produce silk and woolen embroideries.

In Chania you may also find unique handcrafted products from glass, wood, metal, as well as ceramics workshops, woodcarving workshops and metallurgy workshops. A very peculiar art is that of Cretan boot-making (called Stivania) that the visitor can admire in Skridlof Street, in the old city of Chania, as well as that of Cretan knife-making with the engraved folk Cretan couplets.

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Chania: Περιήγηση στην Ενδοχώρα - Visit Inland

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