Natural Landscape

The strict massifs 02meet the deep light blue of the sea in Chania, creating a landscape of irregular natural beauty. The beaches with crystal waters, the lakes, the gorges, the rich flora and fauna, and the benign climate create ideal living conditions and an exciting environment that you should explore.

In the Municipality of Chania you can find some of the most important areas of natural beauty and of ecological significance of Crete, that have been included in Natura 2000 network, such as the lake of Agia, the gorge of Theriso and the islet of Agii Theodori (or Thodorou). It worth mentioning the Park for the Preservation of Flora and Fauna of the Technical University of Crete, which is located 5 kilometers northeast of the city of Chania in Profitis Ilias, has an extent of 300 square kilometers, and constitutes an important area, where native plants and co-existing animals are protected and can develop without human intervention.

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Chania: Περιήγηση στην Ενδοχώρα - Visit Inland

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