56 145Chania is famous for the entertainment that offers, particularly during the summer months, for all those people that visit it. The high spirit never stops here! The mood is getting better early in the morning at the beaches and beach bars, that know how to make a suitable atmosphere, so that each visitor can enjoy the Cretan sun and the sea as much as possible.

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Cretan Nutrition

63 136The excellent health and longevity of Cretans are attributed in their traditional diet. The Cretan Diet constitutes the model of Mediterranean diet that has been recognized since the antiquity as ideal for the maintenance of health and longevity. Crete is famous for its rich agricultural production and the excellent quality of its products.

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59 141Shopping in the market of Chania constitutes a enjoyable experience full of surprises, particularly for those that wish to combine their vacations with shopping. The market of Chania provides many choices, covering a wide range of products, from eponymous clothes to local products that promote the cultural tradition of Crete.

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Chania: Περιήγηση στην Ενδοχώρα - Visit Inland

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