Churches and Monasteries

Agia Triada Tsagkarolon Monastery

79 243The Patriarchal Monastery of Agia Triada Tsagarolon is one of the most important monasteries of the end of the Venetian Empire in Crete with a great contribution to the History and Education of the island. It is located on the foot of Stavros mountain chain, in the area "Tzompomilos" of Meleha cape.

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Gouverneto Monastery or Lady of Angels

80 250Gouverneto Monastery or Lady of Angels is one of the oldest monasteries of Crete and constitutes a sample of orthodoxe monasterial architecture. It was built in 1537 in altitude of 260 metres by monks of the Catholic church that abandoned the place due to piracy.

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Monastery of Agios Ioannis Prodromos at Korakies

81 252The monastery of Timios Prodromos is located in Korakies of Akrotiri. It is a historical woman's cloth monastery that is known to local people as the monastery of nuns. The monastery was destroyed many times by the different conquerors of Crete and thus the valuable files that could help for the precise dating of the monastery were lost.

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Monastery of Chrysopigi

82 257The Patriarchal Monastery of Chrysopigi was founded in Chania during the last period of the Venetian Period (end of 16th century) and is dedicated to Panagia Zoodocho Pigi.  Every year come thousands of pilgrims from Greece and the abroad to kneel the miraculous icon of Panagia.

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Cathedral of Eisodion tis Theotokou

83 261At the centre of Chania, dominates the historical Trimartiri, the Cathedral Temple of Chania, the Temple of Eisodion of Theotokos. The Temple of Eisodion, as Cathedral and Metropolitan and Protector of the City, concentrates the religious, oblative and generally devotional interest of godly population of Chania.

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Church of Agios Nikolaos

84 263dEast of Splatzia Square of the old city of Chania is located the church of Agios Nikolaos, which was built before 1320, during the Venetian Period, as monastery of Dominican Order. During the Venetian period it constituted the most important church of the city.

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St. Domenica at Varypetro

agia kuriaki varupetroThe S.Domenica is located 12 km southwest of Chania near Varypetro. Until, 1992 the monastery was almost ruined but then it was rebuilt and now it is one of the most beautiful monasteries on Crete.

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