Lera Cave

The lera cave is located in the Stavros inlet, inside a natural port, 15 km north east of Chania. The real glory of Stavros was the fact that it was chosen as the setting of the famous movie of M.Kakogiannis “Zorba the Greek” in 1963 and 1964.

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“Arkoudospilios”, the Bear Cave

Arkoudospilios (the bear cave ) or the holly Mary cave is located in the Akrotiri region of Chania, 2km north of the gouverneto monastery inside the gorge “avlaki”, which the cave connects to the katholiko monastery.The cave is known for the rock in the shape of a bear and has been used in antiquity as a place for worship dedicated to Artemis.

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Saint John cave or Katholiko

The cave of Saint John the hermit or aka the Ksenos cave is located near the “avlaki” gorge in Akrotiri only a few hundred meters away from the bear cave in the isolated Katholiko monastery and near the Gouverneto monastery.

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