The Cyclamen Gorge

The cyclamen gorge or Saint George gorge or Vante , starts from the Aletrouvari agglomeration ( 300m altitude), passes through the eastern part of Saint Geore village and leads to the agglomeration of Vante ( 50 m altitude).

The path is easy to walk and has a small duration ( 2h from Aletrouvari and 1 from Saint George) but in the same time caters for interesting landscape alterations along the river and under the shadows of huge plane trees and cypresses.At the end of the path little water ponds are created.

Ditto gorge

The ditto gorge starts 21km eastof Chania , next to the Katohori village ( altitude 300m ) and leads to the Stylos village, 8 km to the east ( altitude 40m).That’s why it is also known as Katohori or Stylos gorge.

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