Entrance of the Renier Mansion

renier2One of the most important constructions of the Venetian Period is the Entrance of Renier Mansion. It is a palace (Palazzo) of the homonym Venetian-Cretan family with a small family chapel of Agios Nikolaos and the impressive entrance with the Latin sign and the blazon of the family.

57 78The largest part of this building is still preserved with some alterations. Over the arched gate of the entrance, the inscription is still preserved: “MULTA TULIT, FECITQUE AT STUDUIT DULCES/PATER, SUDAVIT ET ALSIT SEMPER REQUIES CERENAT, MDC VIII. IDI B. IAN” ("Many things he brought, done and studied, the sweet father, who worked hard. May he rest in peace 1608").

Municipal Unit: Chania
Address: Moshon Street (Akti Kountourioti Side Street), Old City of Chania.

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